Who We Are?

We are a Peruvian fine Silver (925 - 950) Jewelry business, with vast handcraft skills and trading experience, in order to offer pieces of high quality and originality in Design.
Our creations are inspired by the combination of our traditional Art of Silversmithing, a constant searching of new Techniques and contemporary Design, wich also includes various semi-precious stone mounting and a diversity of other natural materials, in accordance to the latest trends or to our clients request.

  • Our Vision

    To be the leading company in the International Market, offering products of best quality made of silver with natural and semi precious stones.

  • Our Mission

    To keep the techniques and art of our ancestors, developing modern designs and recent trends with our personel. All of this, with the only purpose of keeping satisfed our clients.
    We offer competitive prices, quality, punctuality and innovation of our products.
    Our objective, apart from trading, is the information and training of young people in order to create employment and future industrialists.